Deluded Love

I've been having a complex with this Sandro coat.  It was impulsively purchased last summer and before I could even wear it, Zara started making the same coat. I kind of wish I waited and bought the Zara one instead. It's a quarter of the price and looks almost identical! I still love my Sandro but it's sort of a bitter/sweet, love/hate, cheap deluded love, kind of deal. Do you know what I mean? I would imagine I'd have the same feelings towards a bastard child. It's like you love it but it pains you to look at it. -Wait. Was that too much?

 photo IMG_0081_zps1a0a311a.jpg

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Ksubi sunglasses, Christian Louboutin Pigalle heels, Sandro Moto Coat


Jacquelyn said...

I totally understand what you mean, I hate it when I find something that's almost exactly the same for much cheaper. That coat does look good though! I love your style.


sassyshann said...

I love how you looks sooooo casual but so freakin' sophisticated at the same time. It's all so perfect.
I get the same thing with stuff that's almost the same but more because I hate having what everyone else has. I like to wear different stuff.


Anonymous said...

yeah a little much, but I got a good laugh from your reasoning. can't help liking what you love (bastard child or a coat)...just wished it was under different circumstances. in this case, cheaper. but hey at least you own an original trend setter.

Mae said...

I think it was a fitting simile, honestly. Most pusses would think it's a harsh comparison, but it works, so fuck it.

And your outfit, so impactful, but so simple. I dig.

Love + aloha,
Mae Xx // thereafterish.com

FashionInspire said...

Love love love this outfit so plain and simple :)

Please check out my fashion blog! I would love some feedback on improvements etc :)

Thanks you! Plus I love your blog


Mitzee Mandocdoc said...

cute heels and coat! GREAT OUTFIT! :) xx



HaveASeat said...

Yeah it was too much...comparing a circumstance like that to a peice of cloth? You chose to buy the coat. In some cases where "bastard" children are concieved some women didn't have that option but instead had it forced upon them. Next time choose your words carefully.