Rodarte Swaggin'

Nameless dude at Starbucks: uh, your nails are really sharp
Me: oh, thanks

It's just like when people use to tell me that I'm really skinny, as if it were a courteous hazard warning to something I wasn't aware of. It's not meant as a compliment, it rarely ever is, but my initial reaction always is to say, "thank you".

 photo IMG_9802_zps1e6f5420.jpg

 photo IMG_9817_zpsfaf2baf1.jpg

 photo IMG_9822_zps69cdf42c.jpg

 photo IMG_9826_zps3470ff32.jpg

 photo IMG_9838_zps3734eb76.jpg

Rodarte shirt, Rag & Bone chino pants, Vintage cheetah coat, Vintage men's hat, Hermes CDC cuff, Celine ID bracelet


alison*elle said...

I find those types of comments so bizarre and pointless. Like, oh wow, I didn't know my nails were sharp but thank you for telling me. Anyway, love the tee and this whole look!

xo, alison*elle

nancy @ adore to adorn said...

hah...Love your response.


lovin' that top! really liking your outfits xx

Michelle said...

Love your Rodarte tee, I've been looking for one everywhere! I don't know where to find one. =/

Anonymous said...

I LOVE your hat! I've been looking for one everywhere! Same Hermes bracelet :)