Casual Tuesdays

So, have you ever noticed how scooped hem tees give a pregnant/paunchy effect in photos? I just did.

 photo IMG_9875_zpsb1476b0b.jpg

 photo IMG_9888_zpsf2e2220a.jpg

 photo IMG_9894_zps0989c6ca.jpg

 photo IMG_9899_zps074fbeb7.jpg

 photo IMG_9907_zps895fa0c5.jpg

Mango jeans, H&M beanie, Helmut Tee, Helmut trench jacket , All Star Converse shoes


sassyshann said...

You are the epitome of style. Seriously.


Sanity Notebook | by Jessie Raisa said...

And I thought it was just me who wanted to never again photograph my wide scoop necked tshirt pieces for that reason.. Can't tell on you with the well-draped trench. I want that jacket and beanie, quite badly <3