Casual Tuesdays

So, have you ever noticed how scooped hem tees give a pregnant/paunchy effect in photos? I just did.

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Mango jeans, H&M beanie, Helmut Tee, Helmut trench jacket , All Star Converse shoes


Rodarte Swaggin'

Nameless dude at Starbucks: uh, your nails are really sharp
Me: oh, thanks

It's just like when people use to tell me that I'm really skinny, as if it were a courteous hazard warning to something I wasn't aware of. It's not meant as a compliment, it rarely ever is, but my initial reaction always is to say, "thank you".

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Rodarte shirt, Rag & Bone chino pants, Vintage cheetah coat, Vintage men's hat, Hermes CDC cuff, Celine ID bracelet


Work It

This year is off to a weird start for me, fashion wise. I never thought I'd be the kinda of girl who'd wear tights or tennis shoes, unless she's working out, which I never ever do. I use to be the "four inches & up" type of gal, even if it's to the grocery store (my local Trader Joe's is kind of a hot spot). Now I just find any shoe with a heel to be difficult. My boyfriend has to bribe me into wearing heels with expensive dinners.... because that's just the type of relationship we have.

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Vintage blazer/coat, American Apparel workout pants, Adidas shoes, Celine Nano tote, Hermes CDC cuff, Rag & Bone hat.



Classic. Simple. Perfect.



Puma Sprint/ New Balance s410/ Adidas Aditrack