back at it

I've decided to give this blogging thing another go... mainly to introduce the Celine ID bracelet that I recently scored on Ebay. Obsessed.

ID bracelet Celine/ jeans THVM/ boots Barneys Co Op/ belt Madewell/ bag Proenza Schouler ps11


Sanity Notebook | by Jessie Raisa said...

Perfect, Gorgeous.

I've been very into grey tanks and booties, lately. (When picking my every day pair, it was a tossup between Barneys Co Op and All Saints; settled with the latter).

Now on the hunt for well-fit skinnies. Suuuch a good uniform. And Celine always manages to make things better <3

te amo,

Swapnil said...

So beautiful and this outfit is mega!


Anonymous said...

You are stunning and it would be great to see more outfit post from you

Anonymous said...

This is so stylish and effortless, I love it! Stumbled on your blog today, you are super pretty. Can't wait to read more posts :)

Shaz said...

Just came across ur blog...love it! awesome photos, love ur style and nice place too :)

I'm now following u, if u'd like to have a look at my blog

Shaz xx